What is Bioresonance Therapy?

Scientist have proven: our whole infinite universe is a “sea of energy” in which solid bodies called stars and plants have been formed through compression of this energy. One of these bodies of compressed energy is Earth.Naturally, not only the Earth is compressed energy but also every material on it,including human beings. Albert Einstein showed the equality of matter and energy in his famous formula : E=MC2. This means that the human body, as compressed energy, is electromagnetic field. Depending on the nature of the examination, this field presents itself either as electromagnetic particles ( corpuscles ) or as electromagnetic waves ( oscillations). This finding is of utmost for medicine: with it a breakthrough to a totally new dimension has been achieved – energetic medicine. This means that in diagnosis and treatment, the body can be examined and treated from its energetic side. Bioresonance is one of the new medical disciplines based on this new scientific knowledge that could be developed from these new findings. It works with the electromagnetic oscillations of patients and of substances.

The theory of Bioresonance is based on quantum physics supported and proven by Nobel Prize winner Carlo Rubia (Nobel prize 1984 ) and R.P. Feynman, J Schwinger, S Tomonaga (Nobel Prize winner in Physics 1965 ).

The German doctor Franz Morell, M.D. (the father of bioresonance treatment ), one day in 1977, on the basis of his experience in electro-acupuncture, had the brilliant idea that maybe his treatments could become more accurate of he used the oscillations of his patients instead of those of medication. To realize this idea, he had an electronic device built that could receive and return the body oscillations of his patients via electrodes. He modified these oscillations in the device according to certain programs that were especially developed for this purpose. The results were stunningly successfully. Dr Morell could influence illnesses with his new method that could hardly be treated with other ways. Years later, Hans Brugemann of the Brugemann Institute ( this institute has since changed its name to Regumed – Institute for Regulatory Medicine) called it “Bioresonance Therapy “.

Bioresonance therapy takes as its starting point the fact that human body – being energy field – can transmit and receive electromagnetic oscillations. In Bioresonance therapy, the transmission and reception of electromagnetic oscillations is used to diagnose the energetic situation of the patient as well as for the testing medication / supplements and treatments. But the energy patterns of the body can be altered like in influences of illnesses or the effect of radiation.

Every influence on the body changes its energy field be it favourable or disadvantage. Bioresonance therapy uses both possibilities in taking the oscillations of patients and substances through electrodes, and feeding them via a cable or infra-red transmitter

to the therapy device. In reverse, the device can transmit back therapeutic oscillations of the patient, or of substances like allergens, medicines etc through cables and electrodes to the patient. The human body emits different oscillations : cells, tissues and organs each have their specific oscillations. The oscillations of a healthy person are structured differently to the oscillations of a sick person. Your health and your illness are expressed in your personal oscillation image.

Bioresonance uses the principles of quantum physics to modify the patient’s own electromagnetic oscillations in order to attain balance of the body’s energetic imbalances. These energetic imbalances result in conditions such as allergies, asthma, cancer, diabetes, eczema, food intolerance, and so forth.

Bioresonance practitioners are able to diagnose and treat problems with the oscillatons of other substances. As an example : it can be used to find out which substances the patient has an allergic reaction to, or it can establish whether childhood illnesses that have been suppressed with antibiotics are still a serious stress for the body.

The disharmonious oscillations can be remedied in bioresonance therapy by giving them to the patient in a turn-around mirror-imaged way, or “inverted”. In this way, the disharmonious oscillations of the patient are diminished or even eliminated by their patient and the oscillations of foreign substances ( e.g. pesticides ) that are stored in the body depending on whether the patient’s oscillations are used or those of the foreign bodies ( e.g.ampoules )

How does Bioresonance Therapy work?

Electromagnetic oscillations are information carriers as well as information in themselves. Just imagine you get a postcard from the post office that you can come and pick up the new directory. You react by going to the post office to collect the directory. The postcard was the information carrier and the message that the directory was ready to be collected was the information. In medicine, it is similar. A tablet or the water, or alcohol, solution of a medicine is the information carrier; the therapeutic information it contains triggers the biochemical processes. The body’s energy takes care of the effect of the medicine. Bioresonance treatment uses electromagnetic oscillations to trigger biochemical processes in the sense of healing with the information they contain.

How Bioresonance therapy works on Allergy :

The number of allergic illnesses has increased alarmingly over the last few tears tormenting more and more people in illnesses such as :

The traditional methods of treatment of allergies are able to ease the symptoms but do not result in healing.

In Bicom Bioresonance Therapy, therapist will first check the type of allergens stressing the patient whereby the allergen’s electromagnetic oscillations are fed into the device via a cable. The device inverts the vibrational information electronically. It creates a “reverse oscillation” by physically reversing a so-called “synchronized wave”, turning it into a mirror image. This reverse wave can be amplified, lessened or changed by filtering out certain frequencies, as needed. This reverse oscillation is then passed to the patient via special electrodes connected to cables ( do not conduct electricity ) to harmonize allergy information.

What other illnesses benefit from Bicom Bioresonance Therapy apart from Allergies?

Most illnesses grew due to impairment of human’s immune system. Bicom Bioresonance therapy is able to restore the imbalance oscillations of all organs and meridians, bringing the impaired body back on track with the use of conventional drugs. This is especially prominence on chronic illnesses like Diabetes, chronic Liver disease, Uric acid / Gout, chronic Kidney disease, menstrual complaints, all kinds of Pains, Autism, ADHD, Prostate problem, High Cholesterol, etc.

Is Bicom Bioresonance Therapy safe? What is the age restriction?

Bicom Bioresonance is a safe and non-destructive therapy. It fine tune patient’s own body oscillations to stimulate body’s own healing. Countless patients from all over the world benefited from this therapy of these years without any side effects and complaints. As far as concern, our youngest patient is of age 1.


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